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Live Henna/Mehndi Herbal Plant with Pot

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Description :-
  • The photos show the mature plant in the future, not the actual plant you will receive.
  • Most of our plants are shipped in 2 ½ inch square by 3 ½ inch deep pots to encourage root growth and hold shipping costs down. Please notify us immediately of any damage incurred in shipping. Broken leaves and bent stems, while unsightly, generally are not cause for alarm. Remember, the plant has just been packed in a box, thrown on a truck, and driven across the country. A healthy happy plant will speedily recover from minor bumps and bruises.
  • Tender perennial. Naturally a perennial, but will not withstand freezing temperatures.
  • The plant prefers full direct sun (minimum of 4 or 5 hours a day). PS – The plant prefers partial shade for most of the day. Sh – The plant prefers full shade, like that of a mature forest canopy. Uses: A – Aromatic, the plant is suitable for use in sachets and potpourri. B – Attracts butterflies. C – Culinary, the plant is used in the preparation and flavoring of foods, or as a tea. D – Dye, used in the formulation of fabric dyes. E – Everlasting, good for wreaths and dried arrangements. H – A
  • Henna is native to northern Africa, western and southern Asia. The shiny light green leaves produce the red- orange hair and skin dye(lawsone) and are analgesic and antibacterial