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Acacia Nilotica, Babul, Kikar ( 1 kg ) - Seeds


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  • cacia nilotica is a multipurpose tree: it provides TIMBER, FUEL, SHADE, FOOD, FODDER, HONEY, DYE, gum and FENCES. It also impacts the environment through SOIL RECLAMATION, SOIL ENRICHMENT, protection against fire and wind, and as a haven for biodiversity and ORNAMENT.
  • Acacia nilotica is a useful FODDER SOURCE, and sometimes a very important one, particularly in DRY REGIONS. The foliage and the PODS dropped during the dry season can be a FUNDAMENTAL SOURCE OF NUTRIENTS IN PERIODS OF FEED SCARCITY.SOIL TYPE: Recommended for plantation in alluvial loam, tank silt, and black -cotton soils, alkaline soils (provided the moisture conditions are favourable).
  • PRETREATMENT : Soaking in cold water for 48 hours at room temperature; OR immersing the seeds in hot water at 800C and allowing it to soak until cool; OR keeping the seed in moist cowdung heap for 2 to 3 days; OR in conc. H2SO2 for 10 to 14 minutes. Treated seeds should be sown immediately
  • NURSERY TECHNIQUE : Seedlings are raised in polythene bags by sowing the treated seeds about 1.5 cms deep .Excess watering is avoided after 2 months. Shade is provided to avoid surface cracking.
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