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Carrot - Daucus carota - desi vegetable seeds

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The carrot is most loved as it is a part of a healthy diet. This seed packet contains approximately 45 seeds.

You can grow carrots all year round and they are so simple! Just sow carrot seed regularly for a year-round crop.

Carrots are an easy and rewarding crop to grow, great for encouraging children to eat their vegetables! With so many varieties of this popular vegetable available, carrots can be grown in beds, containers, and even window boxes making them suitable for gardens of any size. Carrots are a popular root vegetable that is easy to grow in sandy soil. They are resistant to most pests and diseases and are a good late-season crop that can tolerate frost. Not all carrots are orange; varieties vary in color like purple, black to white.

Seeds Specifications: -

Seeds per Packet 45
Common Name Carrot Early Nantes, Carrot / Daucus carota Early Nantes
Height From 6 inches to 3 feet
Bloom Time Year round
Difficulty Level Easy to grow