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Gomphrena Mixed Color - Desi Flower Seeds

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Gomphrena produces globular flowerheads that brighten the garden. Seed Packet contains 50 seeds.

Gomphrena is a warm-season annual plant. Butterflies are attacked on flowers. Gomphrena flower is used as a cut flower or dried flower. Dried flower is simply hanging them upside down in a well-ventilated place, and you will have colour to enjoy all winter

Product Details :
  • Plant Name- Gomphrena Mixed Color.
  • Seeds Type- Flower Seeds.
  • Plant Placement- Indoors & Outdoors.
  • Seeds per Packet- 50 Seeds.
  • Common Name- Globe Amaranth.
  • Flower Colour- Varies.
  • Bloom Time- June to frost
  • Height- 1.00 to 2.00 feet
Care Instructions :
  • Keep plants in medium light locations, out of direct sunlight.
  • Natural light is best, but some plants can also thrive in office fluorescent light.
  • Plant soil should be kept moist at all time.
  • Be careful to avoid overwatering.
  • Do not allow plants to stand in water.
  • Avoid wetting plant leaves excessively.
  • Remove waste leaves and stems from time to time.