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Philodendron Ceylon Golden - Plant

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Description :

It is very hard not to love the Philodendron Ceylon Golden. Apart from being very easy to care for, the Philodendron Ceylon Golden features crowns of golden-green, almost velvety, leaves that change to a darker shade with light availability and age. What’s more? This plant is also an air-purifying houseplant.

Plant Details :

  • Plant Type- Air purifier & Ornamental plant Plant
  • Plant Name- Elephant Creeper, Vidhara, Samudrasokha
  • Bloom Time - It rarely flowers indoors.
  • Common Name- Philodendron Golden Emerald, Fiddle-leaf philodendron, Gold Satin, Philodendron Golden Erubescens, Velvet Leaf.
  • Plant Height- 7 inches

What makes it special:

  • Best air purifier indoor plant
  • Best plant for low light condition.
  • Low maintenance plant.

Care Instructions :

  • Keep plants in medium-light locations, out of direct sunlight.
  • Natural light is best, but some plants can also thrive in office fluorescent light.
  • Plant soil should be kept moist at all times.
  • Be careful to avoid overwatering.
  • Do not allow plants to stand in water.
  • Avoid wetting plant leaves excessively.
  • Remove waste leaves and stems from time to time.